The name Lenze’ is derived from my surname ‘Ndienze’…

I was raised by amazing and loving parents who both owned businesses, my mom being a fashion designer. Part of my holiday chores was to help my mom at her design studio, putting buttons on dresses, ironing and even helping her sell at the shop, little did I know that passion was planted in me like a mustard seed from birth.


My understanding of Fashion is life, is energy, is culture, it is trend, a mode, a behavior. I would put it this way: fashion is a combination of beautiful, colorful fabric pieces, fine accessories to create an unforgettable style (clothing) that will suit a season, a lifestyle or culture. To me, fashion is life.
Being a Cameroonian and having spent years in both English and French cities and schools, I was able to observe how diversely students and commuters dressed, a very intriguing and appealing combination which was mostly made of African prints, with the use of fine accessories to balance the looks.


I also really loved the way my mom combined her outfits for business meetings and church. My late mother inspired me. Her hard work, passion for fashion and mentorship motivated me to learn more about this incredible form of art. Hence, in dedication to my mother, the Hauz of Lenze brand was born. A combination of French classic looks with a touch of Vintage gave birth to my Brand Concept.


My general inspiration about my work as a fashion designer is LIFE, anything that puts ones life at the top, be it Great energies, great behavior,great color combinations etc when i see beautiful structures around the world, nature all of these inspires me when in my workroom.


Now what Inspired my 2015 men’s wear A/W is simply happiness,change i feel like what people have worn in the past especially men are boring,there is little or no texture and color in them,soi took upon myself to risk this collection..


I believe if you dontrisk,then you cant dare anyone,creating lace shirts and all these pieces and carefully combining the pieces together to create an amazing,daring,sexy,chic look but still maintaining its masculinity is all every man would desire.so LIFE inspires all my Collection.
Before i start each collection.


I make sure it runs across all works of life and age group,every man can find a piece of arts or clothing item in my range,it can be a winter coat on an immaculate white shirt and a glove denim jeans for that upper class gentleman or a 2 piece suit for that simple but yet sophisticated gentleman,so a man who is simple but yet chic,classic and why not daring can wear this range..some one who understands fashion and knows how to put the clothing items and accessories together.


question 3) We have a work shop in GhandiSqaure,but when booking for appointments,most of our clients come to melville or we travel to them whether far or near.


This Collection can be found on our Facebook,Twitter and I.G pages @hauzoflenze
we dont have an outlet yet but very soon..
call us on 0027 74774 9631 or email us at hauzoflenze@gmail.com and brian.nbn@gmail.com

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