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Highlight From Style Lounge 2018 fashion Workshop

Highlight From Style Lounge 2018 fashion Workshop

Day 2 of style lounge 2018

Day 2 of style lounge 2018, featured a workshop where industry players took all in attendance through series of presentation and practical session.

Mr Robert Nunoo, a business and communication strategist currently working with the National Investment Bank was the first speaker. He stressed on the concept of finding funding for a fashion business. He did open the minds of the audience to the business opportunities available for startups and striving fashion ventures.

Jessica Naa Adjeley Konney, a renowned fashion blogger and social media manager was the next to speak. “Naa Adjeley” as affectionately called, presented on ‘Staying Relevant in a Cluttered Digital Space’. Being an experienced industry player, she talked about the need to set standards for one’s brand and staying true to the values and goals for which the business venture was established.


Empress Jamila the name behind the 360 life and style company providing the best experience in grooming, styling, events and personal shopping for clients all over the continent. She stressed the importance of branding. In her view, protecting the brand name should be a major concern. It is essential for fashion stakeholders to know who they are and what they represent.

Christie Brown, a luxury women’s fashion brand promoting a neo-African culture with the infusion of modernity into a delicately crafted collection of bold statements of female expressions without self-compromise. To celebrate a decade of hard work in the fashion industry, the Creative Director of Christie Brown was given a citation of recognition, a kind gesture from the organizers.

Seyram, a renowned blogger at Debonair Afrik was the last to speak. She stressed on ‘Creating a Fashion Brand’. Taking all in attendance through a practise session, she threw light on the rudiments for setting up a fashion brand. The audience were then divided into groups and tasked to come up with a fashion brand with all that they learnt during the workshop. The emerging winners of the exercise came with an idea to style the corporate man. They each won souvenirs from the beverage sponsor Lambrini.

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