How Twenty Three (23) year Old Female Fashion Photographer Covered The Backstage Of LfDW2016

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lubabetu-onyi-abubakarProfessional photography has historically been a male  dominated industry but we   still see low representation of women  .Meet 23 year old Barrister ,fashion photographer and visual art lover , Lubabetu Onyi Abubakar.

Lubabetu Onyi Abubakar. started photographing people since her  first year at University where she had lots of privileges working with campus organization .

(I would get paid to cover certain college events). I loved the kind of options that come with event photography.

Lubabetu Onyi Abubakar might be studying to sue unlawful citizens But her artistic approach to fashion photography cannot be deemed as she sees cloths and artifacts as a slightly different perception .

As a young female fashion photographer, Lagos Fashion And Design Week (LFDW )was just as a fashion shoot for the gem , the only difference is not organizing the shoot because there was a ready and full team ; models, designers, stylists, beautiful pieces, make-up & little bits of light. With her vibrant energy, she had the opportunity photographing some of the best moments backstage ..

Firstly, the models. The models looked gorgeous. I think it is so important that platforms like LFDW embrace the distinct kind of beauty that exists in Nigeria/Africa at large. They did just that. The designs were vibrant and all very independent. The energy backstage felt good, it got rowdy and chaotic a times but still good. Overall, the experience got me really excited for the future of the fashion industry.

As writing is to editors and reporters ,photographers uses their lens to picture a story in a visualize manner just as Lubabetu Onyi Abubakar.

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