Top Five Futuristic Menswear Collection from Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 

 Lagos Fashion and Design  Week is over and in a few months a new year, 2017 will come. This new year looks great for the fashion industry especially when the focus is placed on the trends emerging in Men’s Wear Fashion and how fast fashionistas are taking to these trends.

This year’s Fashion Week saw our favorite brands present very futuristic, risqué and phenomenal men’s wear on the runway. A clear importance of these futuristic designs exhibited was that they were not only put together for the runway but to create a sensual appeal to the market. Serving as proof that most designers are not only good a putting their creativity in fabrics but are equally up to the task of being creative in how their showcase is made to the audience.

After a keen observation of the impeccable men’s wear on display from the first to the fourth day of the Fashion Week 2016, we were able to compile a list of OUR TOP 5 FUTURISTIC MEN’SWEAR BRAND.

In no particular order they are;…..


One of Africa’s finest knitwear designers and innovator of the Xhosa (one of the South African dominant ethnic group), Laduma Ngxokolo inspired knitwear brand MAXHOSA BY LADUMA. Ngxokolo established the brand in 2011 with a desire to explore knitwear design solutions that would be suitable for the Amakrwala (Xhosa initiates) traditional dress. As a person who has undergone the ritual, he felt that he needed to develop a premium knitwear range that celebrates traditional Xhosa bead work aesthetics, using South African mohair and wool.The collection could be describe as urbanize ethical collection following the collection  designs ,Colour Palettes and fabric patterns.


Tokyo James is a British Nigerian Designer whose brand which is named after him was born in Lagos, Nigeria when the Creative Director relocated to the rapidly growing African fashion capital. The Tokyo James brand is for modern men who want simplicity with an edge. With emphasis on traditional techniques and clean lines the brand owes its core competence to the designer’s philosophy – creating and living your individuality. He defines his new collection as CIRCLE OF LIFE ,featuring foot wears , man bags , and accessories . The craftsmanship of his pieces like the foot wears and neck chokers lay more emphasis on the designers inspiration for the collection


Shaldon Kopman is a fashion icon, designer and stylist as well as the brain behind the Naked Ale brand. Naked Ape has designed and crafted luxury bespoke garments for discerning individuals. The long standing philosophy of the brand is the offering of a more tailored fit that suits and flatters the physique of their client, therefore aspire to use natural fibers and blends that predominantly comprise of cotton, wool, linen, hemp, bamboo, silk and leather. Naked ape is not only know for its eccentrically theme runway shows but also putting together great pieces like head wraps ,man bags , and shoes  into a collection on the ramp.


ÀSSIÀN is a menswear fashion brand producing high quality versatile pieces that are the cornerstones of the modern individuals wardrobe. ASSIAN is a label whose roots lie in the democracy of style at every size; designing with the client’s body form and lifestyle in mind with modern pieces made with luxurious materials. Founded in 2016 by Matiu Gordon, ASSIAN produces pieces for wardrobe essentials and occasion wears. As an emerging brand the designer’s niche is to latch on creating customize wearable fashion line for plus size men  with man side bags .The collection was channeled at creating plus size men clothing .


Adebayo Oke-Lawal describes Orange Culture as a “movement” more than a clothing line, for a creative class of men who he describes as “self aware , expressive, exploitative art-loving nomad(s) Combining classic and contemporary western silhouettes (like collared button-ups, t shirts, man clutches  and lapel-less blazers) with African sensibilities, the brand creates offerings for modern men who like a little flair, and of course: the collection on the ramp were more color mixture of Nigerian inspired silhouettes, print fabrics and contemporary urban street wear not forgetting the petit men clutches that made a bold statement and his uniquely designed fabrics he uses for his collection , orange culture received a standing ovation and … Adebayo Oke- Lawal allows his flamboyant personality flows through his collection..

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