Food makes some people happy, the warm affection from loved ones makes others happy but there some few who are made happy by clothes. Meet Larisa Ejutemieden. She is a Style and Fashion blogger in Nigeria who loves clothes.


Her entry into the styling arena was rather fortuitous. “I basically had clothes I didn’t wear a lot because I am a law student and I wear black and white everyday and during the weekends I hardly go out. Growing up, I also  loved playing dress up and it made me really happy. So somehow, I woke up one morning and thought starting a fashion blog will be perfect for me….” and that was how fashion and style blogging came to her.


Today, she runs a fashion blog to show fashion enthusiast how to also style their outfits. She uses her styling of clothes as a way of expressing herself and Larisasdiary is the place she shares her personal style, beauty tips, Inspirational post, videos and anything that excites her.


In just her first year of fashion blogging, she has several awards including “Fashionista of the year” award in her final year in university. This comes as no surprise as her sense of style is absolutely fabulous.

“One of my proud moments was when I was being called a fashionista and a lot of people sent me amazing mails and it was really weird because I saw myself as a tiny girl that just loved clothes. So I was like OK, I need to take my blogging seriously…LOL”


“I hope in the future my blog opens me to a lot of opportunities in the fashion Industry but for now I am just gonna enjoy blogging :)”
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