Libaya By Valene Lontanga Celebrates the diversity of female beauty through tops made in fashion.

LIBAYA is an online fashion brand that produces a variety of high-quality women’s tops made in Africa but aimed at the global style conscious woman.

 LIBAYA is producing a variety of high-quality tops that will ease daily style decisions whilst carrying an African story at heart. Think of simple, featherweight blouses with an elegant twist, detail or print such as ruffles, bare shoulders or even an elongated over-cuff sleeve. These non-seasonal tops will be exclusive items available and affordable for style conscious yet strong and successful women in an international market.  The collection is currently being produced in a workshop in Accra, Ghana where local tailors and their craftsmanship as well as the founder’s high involvement play an important role in the creative process.

The brand focuses on building a fashion community that celebrates the diversity of female beauty by means of highlighting style stories of insightful women through their personal journeys and achievements.  The brand hopes that this will encourage and inspire all women to believe and embrace themselves, and use that belief system to fight for their dreams, no matter their backgrounds.  LIBAYA links Africa and the West by speaking a language every successful woman understands, which is fashion. So we, at LIBAYA, welcome you to celebrate this new story with us – inspired by you – through style.


Model Georgina Akanlanyabah

Photographed By Amfo Connolly

Location –  In Accra.

Art Direction, Styling And Beauty – Nsimba Valene Lontanga.



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