List Of Celebrities Allegedly With Bad Breath

What is even more humiliating and socially unacceptable than the remains of cabbage or spinach leaves speckled across a toothy grin? Bad breath. Yes bad breath. It is characterized by an unpleasant odor of the mouth caused by food, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, health problems, dry mouth, mouth infections, dental problems or medications.  You cannot be all dressed up looking dapper, wearing the most flashy clothes and have bad breath. Because it’s your mouth you don’t suffer it but we do find it very disrespectful you putting that entire stench in our faces. It’s high time someone addresses this issue, fame and money and your mouth lacks care? Please do make it go.

  1. Brush and gloss regularly. Remember to brush your tongue. Maybe you should concentrate more on it. This can help with bad breath caused by foods a person has eaten. Remember last night’s khebab??You liked it with a lot of onions didn’t you? Well onion is one of those foods that cause bad breath.
  2. Quit smoking. Ok its difficult maybe, you don’t want to miss the ‘high’ feeling. Opt for toothpaste with mint to take care of your now browning teeth (which comes with smoking) and your breath.
  3. Keep your mouth moist by drinking water and chewing on gum or hard candy to stimulate the production of saliva. Most filing shops have on sale sugar free gum and candies so diabetes and candidiasis should not be an excuse either should being a quiet be.


  1. If your bad breathe is due to health problems like sinus, infections or diabetes then get it treated. Please do stay home whilst you at it, spare your fellow citizens the stench ok? Thank you.
  2. Suck on a cinnamon stick or mint leaves, drinking lemon juice too helps.
  3. Keep a bacteria free toothbrush by storing it head down in a plastic tumbler or glass of hydrogen peroxide. Rinse well before use.
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