How To Make Your Make-Up Last During The Summer



Summer is full of wonderful things-ice cream, beach, parties etc. but melting make up,smeared eye liner and super tacky lipstick can just ruin the whole season for you.Looking fresh and pretty all day long is one of our life goals (yazzz baby slay all day!!!)

  1. Moisturize. Even if it’s a 1000 degrees, you need to moisturize. Use a lightweight water based moisturizer with sunscreen, let it skin into the skin for a minute or two before you start your process.


  1. Invest in a good primer. This is non-negotiable no argument. Don’t even give it a second thought, if you think about it your foundation needs a good foundation too. What you should be thinking about is the best primer for your skin type. If you have super oily skin and you skin and tired of being sick and tired  your holy grail is the Becca Ever matte pore less priming perfector, this primer is the bomb. Its okay for combination skin as you can apply sparingly on places that dry out and focus on your oily points. Dry skins however would want to stick to the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser because Becca ever matte would dry you out further. I have personally tried the Philips milk of magnesia trend and I can testify to its oil sucking abilities. Don’t forget to prime your eyebrows and eyelids to avoid that shiny brows and eyelids as the day goes by.
  1. If you have oily skin, always opt for matte foundations-Maybelline fit me matte pore less foundation, L’Oreal true match foundation and mac pro long wear foundation are one of my favorite matte foundations. Milani 2-in- 1 conceal and perfect foundation is one of the best foundations for combination skin. Dry skins would want to use L’Oreal true match lumi foundation, Maybelline dewy and smooth foundation for that dewy glow and mac match master foundation for a smooth look that wouldn’t dry you out. Your foundation is the base of your make up, if your foundation isn’t right, nothing will be. Highlight using a lightweight liquid creamy concealer, concentrate on your under eyes. Set with a setting powder to keep concealer in place.


  1. Opt for a good liner. Gel and liquid liners tend to be bolder than pencils and eye kohl.
  1. Set your whole face with powder. Compact powder for dry skin and loose powder for oily skin.
  1. Do you always feel your blush disappears after a while??Like where is it, I know I applied it, ugh!! Try using a cream blush first then set with a powder blush.
  1. For a matte kiss proof (there’s a lot of this in summer too lol), slide proof and non-tacky look, use a liquid matte lipstick. Your lipstick does not have to disappear with your food. Dare to be bold, its summer!!!!!!!!!.
  1. Finish up your face by drenching it in setting spray. Ok not drenching (lol) but you want to get a good amount of setting spray on your face to lock up all of your beautiful art work.
  1. Be sure to carry your powder around and a blotting paper or a tissue to dab on sweat and oil that may appear as the day goes.
  1. Go out there and slay baby, the sun got nothing on you .

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