10 Summer Essentials For Your Wardrobes By Lavanita

  Summer is the perfect time to start bringing in new pieces of the season and it’s the most exciting thing about summer-who doesn’t like to shop? It is time to try new colors, cuts and trends. The key to having a great wardrobe always lays within the ability to revive simply by adding a couple of new pieces to the ones you already have. Even as simple as adding a nail color or lipstick color can update your summer wardrobe.

It is time to shop for our summer pieces. Are you ready??

  1. The maxi dress: The maxi dress is easy to wear and play in. can be worn with sandals or black heels depending on the occasion. The more colorful, the better.
  2. Shorts: Pair with a crisp white shirt for a cool summer look and can be rocked for both day and night parties with bright colored heels or sandals. This is very girly and allows you to show a little more skin.
  3. Short flared skirt: This can be worn with practically anything. From tank tops to crop tops, shirts and blouses. They are perfect with gladiator sandals or heels or even sneakers.
  4. Chunky block heels: Paired with a pencil skirt or shorts or flared skirts, they can be worn for a Friday night out or worn with denim jeans for a day look.
  5. Bikini: This is a must have for your summer. Wear a kimono or oversized shirt if you want to show less skin.
  6. Shades: For both male and female, shades add a little sophistication to your look. With summer, anything goes and any kind of shades work.
  7. T-shirt: Rock a cotton t-shirt to any occasion to give the summer feel, be colorful there’s no rule to that. Just make sure they fit well.
  8. Sunscreen: The sun on your skin feels good but there are rays that might damage d skin. Sunscreen serves as a barrier between this rays and your skin.
  9. Flip-flops: Allow your feet to breathe and enjoy the warmth in comfortable colorful flip-flops.
  10. Short sleeved shirts: Whether paired with shorts or trousers, shirts give u an updated classic look for the summer.
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