Making The Right Lipstick choice For You


There is a myth that , ‘The colour of your lipstick depicts your temperament’. After this article one will know how to make the right choice of the lip glam (lipstick )  matte lipstick, gloss lipstick, cream lipstick, moisturizing  lipstick, pearl and frosted lipstick, etc.


 Choosing  the right lipstick

Examine the skin in natural lighting and determine the complexion.

  • Light skin- is pale, when in the sun can burn and may possibly tan. Should go for dusty, pinkish red or coral, rose, apricot or mauve. Cool undertones; rasperry. Warm undertones; try reds with blue undertone.
  • Medium skin-tans easily and generally don’t burn or have sensitive skin, bright red, cherry red or true red with no undertone(i.e. If you have neutral undertone). Warm undertones; orangey-red or tangerine. Cool undertones; wine.
  • Deep skin-is dark and never gets sunburned, hair is possibly black or dark brown. Looks better in dark plum, rich brown shades. With warm undertones, try blue-based red and with cool undertones, go for metalic ruby red or deep wine.

Tips: wear red with pride, this is a classic look that any woman can pull off regardless of age, skin, hair, and eye. Own it!

Unless you feel like making a statement (which is totally fine!) Apply strong shades to the lower lips only, press the lips together then use a finger to even out the colour.

Dark shades will make the lips look smaller while lighter shades add plumpness. Lipsticks with a matte finish can also cause lips to look thinner while glosses and shimmering shades can make them look fuller.




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