How To Pull Off Dark Lipstick


We have always been just a bit too chicken to embrace this look in all its Gothic glory, but with new, wearable versions taking center stage, we are finally ready to make an attempt.We are here to help you navigate the latest crop of plums, berries, bricks and browns hitting beauty counters now. Here is how:

Know your limit.
If you have really thin lips, dark lipsticks are not recommended. Dark colors minimize whereas light colors give to volume. A dark shade on already thin lips will make them look thinner, and that can make the face look older, since lips typically lose volume as we age.If you have naturally voluminous lips or regular lips, go for it.

Keep it balanced.
The key to doing a dark lip color is making sure the rest of your makeup is really in harmony with the lip. Keep it fairly minimal on the rest of your face. Using a similar shade on your lids or cheeks can help your lip color harmonize with the rest of your makeup. If you’re wearing a plum-colored lipstick, a purple eye shadow can help tie the look together.

Choose a shade that complements your skin tone.
As with any makeup color, your complexion determines what will look good on you. Dark can be more purple or more berry, you can warm it up or cool it down according to your taste. If you know you look better in cool shades, opt for a blue-based, berry color. If your complexion is warm, choose a hue that veers toward brown.

Use a lip liner.
Lip liner is a must with dark lips, use a pencil to perfect your shape; the waxes in the pencil will also help prevent color bleeding.


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