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The world’s leading  videos social network ,YouTube , has become a worldwide phenomenon that has over billions of people around the globe visiting the site daily .Youtubers  are mainly a class of spectacular  personalities that creates  contents in a form of videos . Over the years the phenomenon has expand it wings to Africa where most musicians ,poets ,film makers etc post their content to reach a large number of audience known as views or subscribers  .Growing up , most of us can relate to the fact that we were always engaged in physical and energetic activities unlike the children of the 21st century, who are widely exposed to gadgets,internet etc .

 PEACE OGEBULE is a 13 years old  Stylish  Youtuber  who hails from Nigeria,  Western  part of Africa  ,It all started for her less than a year ago when she developed an intense passion for YouTube  and later on decided to film her first video and ever since there has been a tremendous grow not only in views but also in subscribers and amazing feed backs.

 YouTube is a place i can really express myself and it’s really fun! Filming videos is one of the best parts because i can sit in front of my phone and just ramble about stuff and some people actually enjoy it.. It gives me the chance to talk about some stuff which i can’t talk about in school or to my friends because no one is ever interested. Over the past few months i’ve been gaining a lot of subscribers and at the same time a lot of hate..

She recently attained over 800 subscribers on  her youtube chanel  that gave her the enthusiasm to work hard in other to attain more subscribers. Peace Ogebule   YouTube channel  yourpeaceogebule  usually features information ,entertainment and more of her personal style  content . Click the links below to watch our fav videos from her channel.


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