In this “Season of Love” we had a little chat with our Miss February, Joaniva Rocioppo. Witness how it went.


DebonairAfrik: Who is Joaniva Rocioppo?

Joaniva: My name is Joaniva Rocioppo. I’m from Ghana but based in the UK 23 years of age, I’m a health care officer, a part time blogger and a part time model too. I’m a naturally caring, I’m passionate about people’s well-being and that’s the reason I chose care as a profession. In my spare time I love to blog about fashion. Yes, I love fashion and I love to share my ideas about it with people who do too.


DebonairAfrik: How did you come into blogging?

Joaniva: I started modelling at the age of 17 in the UK but I couldn’t really mix it with schooling. I had to make it part time because to be a top model it takes a lot of dedication and at that particular time my mum wouldn’t let me dedicate myself to modelling. So yeah, since I couldn’t sacrifice all for modelling I decided to share my little idea about fashion with others [smiles].


DebonairAfrik: What explains your love for Fashion Blogging?

Joaniva: Anything fashion I’m on it and I love to share my little idea about fashion with the rest of the world through fashion blogging I get to learn more about fashion and do a lot of researching about the things I’m behind on fashion as well! Being a fashion blogger also gives me the opportunity to explore many fashion cultures.


DebonairAfrik: How do you picture The Ghanaian Fashion Industry in 5 Years?

Joaniva: The Ghanaian industry is doing great at the moment , there are lot of creative designers, a lot of upcoming fashion designers and its clear the industry has a great future because from what I know if we continue to put in hard work and a lot of dedication the industry in 5 years will recognized more than it is now .


DebonairAfrik:  Since we are in the season of love we’d like to know, what does “LOVE” mean to you? 

Joaniva: Love to me means patience, care, passion, purity, beauty, non-judgment, devotion, honesty, endurance and pain. Love is an unexplainable feeling, it’s unconditional, and again to me it means knowing one’s flaws and still love them all the same. “Same way Christ died for us knowing we weren’t perfect” (Agape Love) I could go on and on about it [lol].


DebonairAfrik:  Love without money or money without love which would you choose? 

Joaniva: Lol that’s a tricky one but yeah a little bit of everything won’t be bad but I love being loved so I will choose love without money because money is not everything but love is. Remember love was the last commandment before Christ left earth not money! There are certain sacrifices money can’t replace. The feeling you get when being loved can’t be replaced by money because there are people with money who cannot find “True Love.” This is because people are just in for the money but never love! I would rather want to be so loved that money would be jealous [laughs].


DebonairAfrik: What is the best and worst pick up line ever used on you by a guy? 

Joaniva: Urhmmm the best pick up line ever used on me by a guy was “you shouldn’t wear makeup. It’s messing with perfection” [smiles].

Worst pickup line: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven because you are an angel [Shrugs]



DebonairAfrik: Has any guy ever asked you to marry him? 

Joaniva: Yes please *winks*


DebonairAfrik: What’s Your Relationship With DJ Breezy?

Joaniva: DJ Breezy is a good friend of mine, I have known him for years now…nothing more.


DebonairAfrik: To conclude, what is your favorite song, movie and quote? 

Joaniva: My favorite song is Flaws and All by Ciara. Favorite movie is definitely White Chicks. My favorite love quote is “To love is nothing, to be loved is something but to love and be loved, that’s everything.”






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  1. Wow….this is captivating and just too sacred….I love this…simply amazing.

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