Quophi Akotuah Gh Presents Detachables 17/ GTP

Quophi Akotuah Gh is a luxurious Unisex fashion brand in Ghana that creates authentic  Couture and prete-a-porte wears.The collection is inspired by the Renaissance era where women wore dramatic outfits often with detachable sleeves and gather made with rich textiles.Clothing styles in that era were also dictated by propriety, and stylish garments were a sign of respectability to women.

Quophi Akotuah Gh brings to you Detachables17/GTP. The collection is a beautiful melange of casual trends and corporate styles made with vibrant fabrics and bold patterns from GTP.

According to the designer,

The ready to wear collection gives a great edge for a corporate affairs and a perfect vibe for Everday events. So you get two glam looks for one cool deal! Detachables17/GTP is a must have for the sophisticated and confident young lady.





Models : @rebeckita79 @_evonne_ @afiaschwarzenegger

Photography: @jhoe sey photography

Make up :@divinecaseygh

Styling and set direction : @Nuelbans

Hairstyling : @jaymatt


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