Scammers Hit African Modelling Agencies

With the increase in the availability of young females and males who have the passion to be models Africa in recent years have seen an increase in model agencies is very common to hear stories where some ladies who wanted to be models were ask to pay outrageous sums of monies for registration and training to be models. In some worst cases sex was demanded before they will be allowed to be part of the agency or promises of getting them in without any payment. It has also come to light as some self-acclaimed agencies don’t have the right credentials to operate as a modeling agency. Such establishments are known for extorting money from passionate individuals and are not heard from again. It is sad when individuals with genuine passion are left in this situation, and these circumstances reflect negatively on the serious and well established modeling agencies in Ghana.

Many at times these individuals that fall prey to these scammers are victims of their own fate. Thus, most people don’t research for the needed requirement to be a model and the type of modeling he or she would like to pursue as a career. Also before joining an agency, Interested persons are encouraged to do some background checks on the agency. In our generation of social media, I want to believe every serious modeling agency has some presence on social media so one can go there and check on their previous works. Most often, interested persons don’t ask questions when they go to meet these modeling agents, individuals who are thinking of joining agencies are hereby entreated to be bold enough to ask questions that seeks their personal interest as well as take time to review the contract with either a lawyer or any reputable person before agreeing and signing to the conditions stated in the contract.

I must state categorically that it is not wrong for agencies to take required fees from interested persons but individuals should be made known what it will be used for. The agencies should be working for the models and getting them show to participate in, but in most cases models who belong to some agencies claim they haven’t heard from their agent in over a year. Also both agents and models don’t communicate about either the termination or extension of the contract after the stipulated valid duration has expired.

In other not to fall victims to these scammers, interested persons should do their homework well before joining and paying any monies to these agencies. Be concerned about you investments therefore ask the necessary questions that favor your best interest.

To all those agencies that don’t have the right credentials to operate or just extort monies from these passionate individuals , I want to send a clear warning to desist from such acts as there are some agencies and agents whose names have been associated with these devious acts.

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