Street style : Day 2 of Chalewote Street Art Festival

Chalewote 2016 ,From the body painting to the masked individuals not forgetting awesome display of talents from some spoken word and rappers kept the whole atmosphere hyped and fun. The congestion and human traffic didn’t deter people from catching up with old pals and friends or even take a picture as there were indeed a lot of professional cameras as well as phones for pictures. Certainly the indigenous couldn’t be left out as there were street boxing from some kids as well as acrobatics on display.

However most people individuals who attended the event didn’t go all out in the way they dressed for the event, most went for a simple look but there were some creative fashion enthusiast who just couldn’t help it but be who they are. There were fashion trends that came in different colors and designs, most of all they were classy.

Most will agree with us when we say the previous years  saw some amazing arts and really deep concept as compared to this year’s. This year’s event was Ok but I am disappointed at the lack of captivating arts for display.

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