Modeling on the outside appears to be fun and luxurious in the real world, it’s not just the case. As a model scout, I find most young ones who have the undeniable passion to be models .Unfortunately most of them would not want to bare the pain the industry has to offer. A model falling on the ramp is inevitable. It takes experience models to pull off such tragedy after the fall. Some top models know how slip in style, others fall gracefully, but it’s hard not to crack a smile when these long legged beauties stumble. Take a tumble through some not-so pretty runway moments.

 However there are precautions  a model has to undergo in order not to fall off the runway. Test drive heels before the big day. An important event is not when you break loose of the heels. , Try walking in them for some time to ensure comfortability as well as have command over the heels before the event.

Know the correct type of shoes or heels that will best suit the runway. It is true that heels and shoes compliment the whole outfit. However certain shoes and heels may contradict with the runway which may cause them falling eventually. There is always the need to know the sort of runway you are dealing with.

Too much tight fittings which will not allow you walk freely may result in a fall. Models should try as much as possible to communicate with designers to know attires that best suits them in order not to cause their downfall.            

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