The beautiful Lavish Wedding ceremony between Akosua Vee & Kwame A-Plus

Over the weekend, Ghana again witnessed one of the biggest celebrity weddings in the country.

The buzz about celebrity stylist Akosua vee’s wedding gown depicts that most Ghanaians speaking ill About her gown are the fashion declined folks and out of pure mineral hatred.

However, There are better things to talk about like her Hair, the frontal wasn’t one of the best ever seen. The hairstylist could have done better.

what happened to vintage wedding gowns?  The fashion declined folks are only in for more glittering and mermaid shape gowns but sorry to disappoint most of you. This gown is one of the best outstanding vintage gowns we’ve ever seen and the fact that it was originally made by OPHELIA CROSSLAND.

The gown was decently crafted with no exposing. I bet Ghanaians would get something to say if it was indecently crafted just like other bridal gowns.

The gown was made with love and sophisticated detailing.The idea of going in for an offwhite was a big  YAS.

This is my candid opinion.Feel free to share yours in the comment box below.


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