Gareth Pugh SPRING 2018 READY-TO-WEAR Features Nigerian Model OLAMIDE OGUNDELE

Gareth Pugh SPRING 2018 READY-TO-WEAR is just a C contrary to the word read to wear.

This was a collection born in fire. Pugh seemed to be establishing his own creation myth here, demonstrating, via allegory, the tortured process of how his avant-garde looks come to be made. That would be a mortifyingly pretentious project were it not for the fact that Pugh’s collection, in transcendent instances, earned that pretension. It wasn’t his cage-like constructions that did it, impressive as they were from a craft perspective, or his sculptural coats, or column gowns. No, what was extraordinary here were Pugh’s crinkled metallic looks: A red cowl-collared jumpsuit, baggy in the leg and nipped at the waist, for example, did the nowadays vanishingly rare thing in a fashion of posting a vision of style’s future. These and similar looks weren’t riffing on a current trend or paying homage to a bygone aesthetic.

Source : VOGUE.COM

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