The Miss Universe Ghana 2017 “Saga”

Some of you would probably know and some of you wouldn’t! Well, a lot of pageants have taken place in Ghàna this year, I don’t know how, but it’s happening, and it’s rather unfortunate that so far they have all Left us wondering what really is behind this gathering of young women enslaved in heels and dresses forced to chew and pour words from Google that they know nothing about? Well, we will come back to that.

So over the weekend MISS UNIVERSE GHANA 2017 Grand Finale came off, It took place on Saturday 2nd September at Labadi Beach Hotel and it was EVERYTHING, I mean that is how you organize and execute a beauty pageant. Location, stage craft, stage setting, was amazing.
And did you see the judges? International Judges, We had Miss Universe Netherlands, Shawn, and others and that’s why it was free and fair, and if you were at the show or you watched at home on GhOne TV live stream like me due to reasons I’ll highlight later, you’ll recall the judges emphasizing on international standards when they were calling out their favourite.

However, Hephie was amazing but Ruth was flawless and to represent Ghàna on the international stage Ruth would be a perfect choice. Now we saw that Hephie and Ruth were both outstandingly amazing but at the end of the day, they had to consider the international stage, WHO WOULD STAND OUT MORE? and that is exactly how it’s done. I say it all the time, the ideology is simple – Pick a Queen that would stand out on the international stage, compare and contrast, they are going against Barbie doll looking girls from across the world, Don’t send a worn out rag doll looking girl there. Jeez.

Anyways a very big Congratulations to the organizers of MISS UNIVERSE GHÀNA for the step up and stand out from the rest of the Tom and Jerry pageant I’ve seen this year, which I’ll definitely Talk about soon if my mouth isn’t sued yet haha.
But MISS UNIVERSE My only issue was your $500 ticket really? Table for 10, $5000, are you kidding me? It’s getting hot in here, Damn!!!! But I understand, you gave a Jaguar to the winner so we Conc-uu ur. Congratulations Ruth for winning, especially winning the Jaguar Please wherever you are, locate me, Amen. The runner ups and the rest of the contestants, Congratulations you guys were off the hook.

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Sylvester Serene Ocansey Reporting – Don’t get bitter Just get Better, I’m in my house, come and beat me!

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  1. Lol , interesting article. Hmm as for the ticket di3 it was too much but it was worth the glam and venue tho

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