Top 12 Ghanaian Models To Watch in 2018

Camera, lights, Action! With each new dawn comes the chance to begin once more with a new point of view and the decisions of who is the new human hanger or Muse; a fresh face. The main musings demonstrated by “a fresh face” are thorough abstemiousness and teach, enthusiastic effort, persisting continuance. Modelling takes more than a Naomi Walk and a Tyra “Smize”. It takes tolerance, great sportsmanship, muscle, readiness, learning, and you have to know how to take a NO or Sorry, see you next year.

The Ghanaian fashion landscape in 2017, as predicted was being covered with a new set of feet n inches Mannequins. Every model who was our list last year was in every major fashion gathering both home and abroad, not forgetting how they depth the field of Major fashion photographer’s lens. With the industry developing to consolidate socialites and people of the art, there’s no telling where the accompanying best model will begin from.

Reliably, every year, another class of models moves from the positions of indefinite quality to wind up superstars, and the new year will have no absence of this promising radiance, major bookings and working with greatest names in fashion. However, it difficult to look through the spectacles to foresee precisely who will be the next Julee or Belinda Baidoo. Here are the models set to have the greatest effect in 2018

    INSTAGRAM: @ iamenyodictah
    HEIGHT: 5’10
    she is poised and determined this girl is on the brink of an international career. though a baby in the industry, Dicta has been active on the scene the whole of last year, featuring in campaigns for …….. and walking for top designers at the GAFW17. Dicta u go, girl, there’s is more in the pipeline.
    INSTAGRAM: @kwaku.adade
    HEIGHT: 6’4 FT
    AGE: 21
    Fashion is a workmanship, and this “dirty Dan” art pop could mean simply anything. Cut glass cheekbones, room eyes and a flawless mope framework this beautiful androgen is getting to be noticeably one of the most sizzling appearances in the business. Kwaku Adade, the guy who grew up next door in the housing community of Tema is definitely not lost on the path to an international career. His Jourdan Height of 6.5ft, his inclusive androgenic bid and gourmet heated skin has rapidly made him an opening top choice.A second-year marketing student, Kwaku mirrors an expressive range of emotions to his work in front of the camera, which aids him in his recent stints in Debonair Afrik’s “GENDER FLUIDITY” feature.
    Kuks is heading into the new year with a serious leg up on the competition
    Kuks is heading into the new year with a genuine leg up on the opposition
  • NANA KWASI WIAFEINSTAGRAM: @nana.kwasi.wiafe
    HEIGHT: 6’0 FT
    AGE: 22
    When you turn into that charcoal barbecued skin kid who was chilling with Joshua Kissi all Christmas, you know you’ve definitely made it. Nana Kwesi, has been amazingly novel with his work so far, with key collaboration with the “non-conformists” and renaissance Photographers like Joshua kissi, Prince gyesi among others, one thing is for sure, as long as “attractive huge eyes” holds appeals, his capturing hot charcoal self will still be popular.
  • SANDRA  INSTAGRAM: iamabrokwa
    HEIGHT: 5’6 FT
    AGE: 24
    Irrefutably a snack bite, this cute doll confront excellence has enchanted online networking with her squeeze of sass and a touch of class. Sandra Abrokwa, prevalently known as Amma Abrokwa via social media; Instagram to be exact is one of the nation’s most loved Muse. shooting with the enormous young men, for example, Ben Bond, Josh Krissly, Grandberry and been the official model for Kulaperry’s clothing line. she has turned out to be bending the rule; short young ladies have no spot in modelling.
    HEIGHT: 6’2 FT
    AGE: 21
    Aesthetic, Chiseled-cheeked and summoning skin appetite, Bennett is fittingly named. With his uber cool look, his masterful sensibilities and his engaging dazzling elfish self definitely project uniqueness in the industry, also drawing street credits with his edgy street style. it’s nothing unexpected that this young fellow is a standout amongst the most desired models of the season.
  • NUERKI INSTAGRAM: @nuerki_
    HEIGHT: 6’0 FT
    AGE: 21
    Nuerki is the most recent in a long queue of impassive delights with eccentric looks. this young lady is serving you a present-day Cicely Tyson with a squeeze of Lupita nyongo. An invigorating new face whose look has just been grasped by cool-kid picture takers like Ben Bon, Ria Okata, Nii Odzenmaa. In spite of the fact, that its hard to quantify “cool”, Nuerki features it and we cannot hold up to see which photographer and designer discover motivation in her interesting excellence.
    INSTAGRAM: Mizpriscagh
    HEIGHT: 5’11ft
    AGE: 21
    21year interchanges understudy with an amazing statue of 5ft11, Prisca positions among the fascinating new wonders on the scene—and her incredibly cool identity makes her engaging on and off the runway.
    HEIGHT: 6 FT 4
    AGE: 20
    The modelling industry was fixated on each tall person, and Bright is no special case. Marked with TM Models two years back, Bright wound up on the catwalk for everybody from Abrantie to Atto Tetteh. No doubt Bright’s height will assist in his path to dominate the fashion industry.
    INSTAGRAM: @Ottawa_
    AGE: 17
    You might have recognised this 17 year old from his graceful debut at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week.
  • This young chap has featured in a campaign for PAON and he recently got signed to PREMIUM MODELS in Paris and BRAVE MODELS in Milan. This black boy’s future is exciting. His youthful exuberance tagged with his edgy auora makes us want to be part of his success story.


22yr old Up-and-coming model, Patience has already set the pace for her career after gracing the lens of some the top fashion photographers in Ghana. Now she continues to a bigger and better focus, as she got signed to TM Model management recently. Her versatility will surely land her esteemed editorials and fashion campaign in the years to come.


AGE: 18yrs

This 18-year-old beautiful boy modelling career happened all of a sudden and he’s here for all of it. this was after accompanying a friend to a model casting. Unfortunately, his friend wasn’t selected, after asked to walk by the designer and then BOOM! he was picked just like that.

Currently not signed by any agency, Sam is safe in the creme hands of Fashion Photographer, Qwasie Asephua.

Sam’s wonder dazzle always flicks with curiosity creating a gleam with delight and aglow with love that a sparkle his passion for his newfound career with mirth

this mirror a definite a flush with triumph for him this year


HEIGHT: 5’10
AGE: 20yrs
This girl was on her way to Hollywood after been featured in an International film shot in Ghana, until her chances went down the drain thanks to her agent, but it wasn’t all lost, she got scouted by Confidence Models and decided to take a turn from Acting to Modeling.

Her dashing personality always reflects in her edgy spellbinding composure in photos. She’s a face to look out for this year.

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  1. That Damsel in the first spot(Benedicta)… ? ? … Girl keep shining like the beacon of Africa.????

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