After wowing us with the T.I.N.T Design collection the eclectic fashion brand Eketino has released the look book of yet another jaw dropping and exciting collection “Hy3 me”.


 “Hy3 me” literary means wear me in Akan – a local Ghanaian language. This line of collection aims at bringing the old to life, revisiting the old with the new. A long forgotten African print comes to play in “hy3 me” as the zealous and creative minds of Eketino surprise fashion enthusiast. Inspired by colours, shapes, history and the environment “hy3 me” appeals to whatever taste one may have – Ranging from the casual Monday to Saturday wear to that occasional classic wear gives one so many options to choose from and wear.


“Hy3 me” is made in pure cotton materials, long forgotten African print as well as a colourful and fancy patterned fabric capturing the taste of both the young and old. Eketino believes clothes speak and what the say when we open our closet is “hy3 me” and we are influenced to wear the one with the strongest voice in terms of colour, print, quality and design in conformity with our mood and the occasion. It is with this notion Eketino came out with this line of collection that has a much stronger voice which cannot be resisted by fashion lovers when it says “Hy3 me” (wear me).


Designer- Eketino
+233 243816714\ +233 542823606

Photography – Bebe gallery

footwear – IFOK-

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