Why You Find Yourself In The “FRIEND ZONE ” Syndrome

Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you like to engage with the opposite sex sexually. Maybe just not sex but in (love).Then you decide to tell him or her and they hit you up with the “no let’s just be friends “ANSWER Congratulations you have been friend zoned

So this mismatch in romantic feelings between both of you is called the friend zone because one party is interested and the other party just wants to be friends. Or in instances where both parties are engaged sexually already but the other wants to take it to the next level but the other is way more comfortable with the way things stand.(friends with benefit).Because all good relationship are built from mutually satisfying exchange. Friend zone is usually not a good situation.

For a number of reasons, the friend zoned individual just doesn’t spark the chemistry to make the other person desire them. Depending on which of the parties you find yourself, being attractive is a major reason for friend zoning. Either you don’t find the other party attractive or vice versa. The only feelings created by both of you are attachment and comfort. To fix this, try making yourself attractive physically and psychologically. Groom better. Dress better and possibly talk better.

For two people to be in a mutually satisfying relationship, they must match each other in certain levels. That is they must be roughly equal in trait such as social status, physical attractiveness or education. So sometimes a person is in a friend zone simply because he or she doesn’t match the individual whom they are trying to be friends with. This can be fixed by picking out potential partners whom are a better match .Ever heard of the saying “monkeys play by sizes?’

Another reason you will find yourself in a friend zone is maybe for the fact that you are timid, afraid, uncertain and passive. So you approach someone are attracted to as (just friends or as a hookup or friends with benefit) because they find it way easier and a back door to relationships. So try to be bold and straight forward.

The last reason why people end up in a friend zone is simply because they are too nice, they do all the work, and they make sacrifices and concessions. They make it easier for the other person to be with them. People value in what they invest in and what they work hard to attain. So if the person is not investing in you, you will be taken for granted. So ensure that investment and effort are balanced on both sides. Each individual must give and contribute in equal amount.





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