The Big Wigs on Front Rows At Glitz Fashion Week 2016

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Front row seats, while everyone looks forward to seeing the models, clothes, and new Trends that emerge during fashion weeks one of our favorite parts of the week has got nothing to do with the show but everything to do with the celebrities who watch from the front row.

 The celebs that do get the front row seats put on their most stylish outfit for the show, they know they are being photographed and obviously wants to look their best. Front row-style is versatile and can be unpredictable but always leaves us in awe. Fashion publicist Nuel Bans and Chriskta became notorious for saying that if you aren’t seated in the first three rows, at a show during a fashion week, you might as well stay home.

If the first three rows are where the power players sit, then it goes with no doubt that the crème de la crème of the fashion world sit in the front row and front row only. Obviously sitting in the front row is important not just to the attendees but also extremely important to the fashion designers. Celebrities invited to a show almost always land in the front row.

Designers actively court big stars and big names for this purpose; sometimes they are even paid just to attend. Sometimes celebrities are usually seated together in the middle of the runway where photographers can capture them in a single shot also known as the “Money Shot”. Socialites and “friends of the brand” also fall in the front row category. Select members of the media also tend to get a prime spot.

Another group that is infiltrating the front row is fashion bloggers, having a good seat as a fashion blogger is necessary to get content for their sites, instagram followers; because readers expect excellent and original photos and that wouldn’t be possible without a good view of the runway.

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