7 Things You Need To Watch For This Year

There are soo many things that have come and passed. Some which trended for decades, others less. But this year; these are some trends you need to watch out for.

Women with shaved hair: What do you think of women who shave their hair? Let me cut right to the chase, so a research was made on what men think about women with shaved hairs and guess what?….most of them HATE it but, the women think its sexy and soo pursuing it this year. I have my head shaved and believe you me, I feel good about myself and even sexier.  #wink

Male nail polish: Men flirting with manicures are nothing new I assure you. Plenty of dudes have since enjoyed the tranquil experience (and tidy cuticles) of the typical treatment. But ladies, it seems that you might have to begin fighting some guys at the salon for your much loved bottle of polish. The trend is said to have been popularized by Marc Jacob whose instagram account features selfie posts with the #malepolish.

Slogan Tees

The return of the slogan tee is here peoples! Like a tattoo, the slogan T-shirt has become the voice of the people in order to make a statement without saying a word! Whether you looking to be political, feminists or just super sassy try getting one of these “talking shirts”

Mules and block heels

Women nowadays are way more focused on comfort and practicality which is why there has been such an increase in demand for mules and low block-heels. Mules the backless shoes that were once felt to be old-fashion have now become the most sought after footwear this season.  The flat mules, low block-heel mules, heeled mules, sneaker mules, mules in all fabrications and colors including velvet, satin, canvas, and embroidery were big for last year and even bigger this year.


Who doesn’t love stripes? I know i do. Stripes are and will always be in style. But this year they went on a whole new level from the color blocked incarnations to classic pinstripes. They are timeless and totally wearable anytime. They have nine lives. We have seen the trend now for two to three seasons and it will continue to carry forward

Ugly Shoes Are Making a Comeback

A trend we never thought will see the light of day: Crocs, the footwear of choice for nurses and chefs around the world, finally got a sartorial makeover thanks to Christopher Kane. The designer introduced bedazzled versions of the homely shoes, inciting a wave of shock and fascination among the fashion set. We can’t wait to see the brave souls who will take on this trend next year. Fashion loves an ugly shoe. Well, so long as it’s the right kind of ugly, that is.


Sneakers: Sneakers will continue to be extremely popular in this year. Because of their versatility, you can never have too many. Glitter, leopard, and satin updates to sneakers effortlessly dress up an outfit and give you a reason to buy multiple pairs.






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