Fashion and Beauty Trends in a COVID-19 Lockdown

Fashion just got more viral and personal. The influence of social media especially the use of the audio-visual medium has been a more effective in reaching out to the masses. The world is currently slowing down to a halt due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but you would be wrong if you think fashion and beauty trends have been perturbed.
With countries around the world implementing a partial and, in some cases, a total lock down, many individuals have been left to keep themselves busy. This is where digital platforms come to play, mainstream social media platforms were not enough to consume the time people have.

Then TIK TOK got viral. Among the many trends on the platform, fashion and beauty trends did get more personal. With trends that encourage fashion enthusiast to exhibits their fashion styling skills and make up prowess has been re-used as content in mainstream platforms, with the likes of the #dontrushchallenge, #doppdaddy etc. Celebrities also joining the trends which were started by ordinary individuals being creative has been viral, even from the comfort of their homes.

Many trend followers will attest to the fact that a lot of work goes into the videos , hence the influx of participants in these viral videos shows that in as much the world stops spinning, people will still love to look good even for a three second video. For fashion stakeholders, this presents a learning curve to what the needs of our customers are and how they feel about our products.

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