10 Early 2000s Fashion Trends That Should Never Come Back

It’s inevitable that we have an era in our lives when we look back and wonder what the hell we were thinking when it came to our wardrobe choices. 

The early 2000s are that era for the world.

In the seventies, there were a lot of questionable trends, and don’t even get me started on the eighties! Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that we all lost our heads a little at the beginning of the new millennium.

Accessories included chunky studded belts, ultra-thin scarves, and visible g-strings, while headwear included trucker hats, fedoras, and crocheted berets. We all committed a crime against fashion, yet we were all found guilty. 


10 worst trends from the early 2000s

Capri Pants

Capri pants, also known as three-quarter pants, is a pant that is longer than shorts but not as long as trousers. This look has been attempted by many, and many have failed. 


Pointy under-the-knee boots

Once again, choose a length! Either you’re an ankle boot or a knee-high boot. Don’t settle for the middle!! 


Low-Rise Jeans

The jeans weren’t just low-rise, they were super low-rise. We don’t do things halfway in the naughties. If your jeans didn’t look like they were a size too small, and you either had to expose your thong or forsake underwear completely, they weren’t low enough. Pair with a crop for max midriff exposure. 



Rags, but make it fashion. I still don’t understand this trend – do we want to look like we’ve been abandoned on an island for 3 weeks? 


Lace-up pants

There’s something so precarious about this trend that it’s almost thrilling to look at. The sheer stress that an accident could happen at any moment is almost unbearable. Lace-up pants provide minimal certainty – I’ve seen teenagers less insecure than these pants. 


Dress over jeans 

I’ll only say this once… dresses DO NOT belong over jeans. Keep this trend in the past where it belongs, please!


Juicy Couture Tracksuits

I love a loungewear look as much as the next quarantined girl, but naughties trackies took things to a whole new level. How this trend came to define an era of fashion, I’ll never know. And a flip-flop combo? We expected more from you LiLo. 


Micro Miniskirts

Often seen paired with a classic Ugg boot or fishnet tights, the micro miniskirt didn’t leave much to the imagination. Truly fashion at its worst.



These were the unnecessary addition to every early 2000s outfit. As Hilary Duff once said (with some creative licensing), shrugs were “like waiting for rain in a drought; useless and disappointing”. 


Pirate Pants

I can think of nothing I am more shocked by in the fashion world than pirate pants. Who started this trend and what did they have against humanity? Please never return to the mainstream world.


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