Best 10 Sustainable Moments From Fall/Winter 2022

Sustainable practices in the fashion industry have always been a hot topic. Gladly, fashion houses are gradually incorporating that in their works. Here, we have the best sustainable moments from the Fall/Winter 2022 shows.

  1. Diesel’s fully-recycled jeans outfit

Diesel is among the brands leading the way in recycling denim into new outfits. This season’s collection featured its first pieces made from fully recycled denim, cotton, and elastane and dyed without water.

  1. Atlein’s discarded Nespresso pods dress

For this season, Atlein’s founder, Antonin Tron, only used materials that were already in his studio. The eye-catching pieces from his collection for fall/winter 2022 were a top and dress made from used Nespresso pods. These pods were neatly pieced together.

3.    Harris Reed’s repurposed leftover upholstery fabric

Re-purposing already existing materials is what Harris Reed does. For the fall/winter 2022 collection called Found, he created pieces from leftover fabrics from the Bussandri upholstery in Italy.

4.    Coach’s upcycled leather trench coats

Coach’s creative director, Stuart Vevers, has incorporated upcycled leather pieces in the company’s autumn/winter 2022 collection. Pieces from this collection were created by taking apart vintage leather. Coach has been going on that tangent with their collections in recent seasons — making good use of archival pieces.

5.    Balenciaga’s first mushroom leather jacket

​​Balenciaga’s fall/winter 2022 show was a dramatic snowstorm setting hinting at climate change and its effect. What most people didn’t realize is the leather-look coat. This coat was made from a mycelium-based alternative developed especially for the Balenciaga. Essentially, the coat was made from mushroom roots.

6.    Ahluwalia’s debut runway show

Undoubtedly, Priya Ahluwalia’s first runway show was a major moment for her fashion house. Her show basically featured signature upcycled designs.

7.    Grape leather bags from Stella McCartney

Known for her no-leather approach, Stella McCartney uses vegan alternatives for her products. Last season, she made a bag from mushroom leather. This season, she created a bag out of grape waste from Italian wineries.

8.    Chloé’s quilt patchwork

Battling the “over-industrialized” state of the fashion industry, Chloé’s creative director, Gabriela Hearst is bent on craftmanship. For their autumn/winter 2022 collection, Chloé joined forces with a small community of Black female quilt makers in Alabama. The collaboration took care of the patchwork pieces in the collection, made using deadstock materials.

9.    Marine Serre repurposes pre-existing materials

Marine Serre is on a mission to make sustainable fashion more accessible to a wider audience. Her two-day exhibition showcased her practice of repurposing pre-existing materials — from vintage rugs to silk scarves.

  1. Vivienne Westwood launches Reimagining Waste

Sustainability-focused Vivienne Westwood’s fall/winter 2022 collection introduced a new Reimagining Waste concept. This concept sees the designer reusing deadstock materials from previous seasons. Over 70 percent of the collection was made from low-impact and cruelty-free materials.


Source: Emily Chan for Vogue

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