Exclusive Interview With Araba Sama Fletcher

  1. debonairafrik.com-8What Got You Into Fashion As A Career?

I can’t pinpoint the very moment I felt the thrill of being a part of the creative industry, but I believe I was inspired by the fulfillment of creativity.

  1. What Is Your Favorite Part About Being A Fashion Designer?

There are a number of things that comes to mind but I think  the ultimate  will be the idea of turning imagination into reality,  and through that I allow people to understand and take part in what is going on in my head.

3.What Type Of Fabrics Do You Use To Create Your Collection?

For my ‘Zingly’ collection, I used fabrics like crepe, lamè,  neoprene, duchess, lycra and faux leather

4.What Were/Was Your Inspiration For The Designs You Created For The show?

My inspiration was from corrugated galvanised roofing sheet and nails.

5.4 Years In The University Studying Fashion. How Has The Experience Been?

Four years in Radford University was great. The experiences were worthwhile. I met amazing personalities who in formal and informal ways invested in my life aside my career. Above all the good and bad times, I am forever grateful for that journey at that time of my life. It made me stronger and I want to say a special thank you to Mrs. Yvonne Ntiamoah and Miss Jeanette Altovice Quarshie for their support, I really appreciate it.

  1. What’s Your Take On Collaboration With Other Designers?

I personally think collaboration is a good thing although it is a bit difficult to get a perfect pair who shares the same vision and passion. I believe analyzing your strengths and weaknesses can force you to ask for help when necessary and be brazen about how you can help others.

  1. What Do You Make Of The Fashion Industry Of Ghana And Africa At Large?

The Ghanaian and African fashion at large is still trying to find a sustainable market locally. There has been tremendous growth over the years and opportunities have increased  although there is more room for improvement. The future looks positive considering the amount of effort that is being invested in the fashion industry recently.

8 .How Do You Update Your Look And That Of Clients?

I follow key trend setters on social media and websites and analyze what is trending as well as watching the various fashion shows  by some key designers.

9.Whose Wardrobe Inspires You?

I love Elie Saab…

debonairafrik.com-710.What Are Your Plans For The Future?

I would like to focus on the styling aspect of fashion for now but I am looking forward to starting my clothing line in  some few years time.


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