Exclusive Interview With Steve Frenchie


  1. What Got You Into Fashion Designing As A Career?
    I think I knew from age 7 that I wanted to do something relating to clothing I decided to become a designer because I loved clothing. Clothing is my passion! I wouldn’t be surprised if fashion is in my blood or something.


  1. What Is Your Favorite Part About Being A Fashion Designer?

I think for me, is to see creativity in the head come to life!


  1. What type of fabrics do you use to create your collection?

I don’t have limits when it comes to fabrication. I want to make clothing in anything and everything I feel the inspiration is I never want to limit myself.

4. What were/was your inspiration for the designs you created for the show?

The inspiration behind “Beautiful Imperfection” is the asylum. At age 7 I had already started designing clothes for family and friends. I always had a  problem with normal clothing so I twitched designs up in all ways,  but the general comment I always had was ” you had to insane to be able to wear the things I designed ” so in my final year I researched mental illness why it was always linked to my creativity.

The Association between Mental illness and creativity first appeared in literature in the 1970s, but the idea of a link between “madness” and “genius” is much older, dating back at least to the time of Aristotle. Many famous historical figures gifted with creative talents may have one way or the other been linked with mental asylum. Ludwig van Beethoven, Ernest Hemingway, Isaac Newton and Robert Schumann.

  1. 4years in university studying fashion. How has the experience been?

There has been a tremendous and visible change since my coming to Radford University College.  I’ve gained experiences in areas of pattern drafting, sewing techniques, garments construction, fashion marketing, range building and more. Now I do so many things I never knew a thing or two about, and even my illustrations has improved, my tastes for style and creativity has evolved with time spent at Radford University!

  1. What is your take on collaboration with other designers?

Why not! I strongly believe in collaborations.

I mean we get to share ideas and learn each other, make mistakes together. Yes to collaborations!

  1. What do you make of the fashion industry in Ghana and Africa at large?

I personally think fashion in Ghana and Africa as a whole is growing with massive speed and its giving birth to crazy talents it’s amazing!

  1. How do you update your look and that of clients?

Hmm I’m a very simple person maybe to update my look is to get a new haircut! Or get new chuck Taylor’s. My everyday look is a t shirt jeans and sneakers. For the look of clients, there are so many things that could be considered in changing their looks. It could be the silhouettes, patterns in fabrications, etc.

  1. Whose wardrobe inspires you?

I think I love Olivier Rousteing and Corey Chenier

debonairafrik.com-6What  are your plans for the future?

This is a difficult question because I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I’ll want to do my masters sometime soon. Build the Stephen French brand. Work on collaborations with fellow designers and in the future have foundations that will cater for children!


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