Exclusive Interview With Aisha K. Barau

  1. debonairafrik.com-10What Got You Into Fashion Designing As A Career?

I decided to become a fashion designer from about when I realized I loved to sketch and design a lot of clothes for myself and everyone in my household. I am an art student so I started drawing from a very tender age, I did visual arts for a couple of years. So automatically I fell in love with designing, styling my family and myself, drawing and sitting down with tailors to bring up new ideas.


  1. What Is Your Favorite Part About Being A fashion Designer?

Hmmm let’s see so basically my favorite part about being a fashion designer is I can wear anything and style it anyway I want. As a Muslim from a lovely Islamic home I’m able to fuse my own style with my religion and rock it anyhow I want it. So when I’m spotted with my choice of style you have got hints of who I am.


  1. What Type Of Fabrics Do You Use To Create Your Collection?

To me fabrics need to be very comfortable and easy to work with. And most importantly it should serve its purpose. I don’t have a particular I like to stick to rather I love to play with them a lot. For instance if I want the shoulders of a sleeve to stand I will use a fabric that can be stiffened to stand. And if I want a particular bodice to lay flat I will use a very soft silky fabric. I love to play with fabrics. And combine them a lot. So I can have a collection of various fabric, textures and feel.


  1. What Were/Was Your Inspiration For The Designs You Created For The Show?

My inspiration for Radford University Graduate Fashion Show was ‘ Arabic Henna Art’. That is the henna / tattoo know to beautify the hands and feet of women and seen mostly on Muslim women.

  1. 4 Years In The University Studying Fashion How Has The Experience Been?

Wow!!!! I must say I owe it all to God almighty and my amazing family for the full support and motivation at all times especially my wonderful mother Princess Fatima K Barau because lord knows how many times I cried, I never knew it was going to be that hard. Trust me it’s not easy at all. I wasn’t ready for all that but it is indeed an experience I can never ever forget because it has built me. Perseverance, prayers, dedication and no matter what you just have to keep going. That’s all I can say.


  1. What’s Your Take On Collaboration With Other Designers?

I’ve always loved working together especially if we have different ideas. So defiantly I am looking forward to me and some colleagues working together and putting pieces together. It would be amazing.


  1. What Do You Make Of The Fashion Industry Of Ghana And Africa At Large?

The fashion industry in Ghana and Africa is really growing. I am Nigerian so I would also say Nigerian fashion industry isn’t also playing. It has really changed from the days I was in primary School. The cool part is fashion has evolved so new things can pop up everyday and it’s really connecting Africa to the world. With fashion one can easily be recognized. And everyone knows fashion is taking over.


  1. How Do You Update Your Look And That Of Clients?

With myself I wear what’s comfortable I am more of a trend setter than Follower. I wear me, I wear my mood, I wear my thinking. And make sure it stands out very nicely in a way one would know oh she’s probably a Muslim and stylish too. If at all I want to be excited I look up to Mariam Mohammed an Arabian mother and modest model on Instagram @mrmr_4 to boost my spirit. Lol and as for clients same thing applies, I won’t impose on you what you are not comfortable with its your choice I’m only there to advise you better on choosing a Personal style and rocking it gracefully. So I look at standing out and personal choice it’s very important for me.


  1. Whose Wardrobe Inspires You?

I just mentioned her I love Mariam Mohammed’s style and what she wears. She makes Islamic fashion and modest fashion world Rock. She can wear any Muslim designers outfit and it would pop. So looking at what she wears makes me smile. And it has inspired a few of my designs and outfits. She’s @mrmr_4 on Instagram.

  1. debonairafrik.com-9What Are Your Plans For The Future?

So the future is already here. And my plans are unfolding gradually. So in terms of designing I am going into the modest fashion world, I’m starting with women’s wear and I will also venture into men’s as time goes by. I love talking and motivating people so I do fashion advising also and consultation I have stated that too and I would love to get a certificate on that to back it up and help wonderful people out there. I love Meeting people especially with personal style so I also found the desire to style and help choose outfits for certain occasions and so on. So as a Nigerian born i will be based there but ready to work with anybody anywhere. By God’s grace. Look me up Aisha K Barau Empire. Follow me on every social media. Thank you and stay blessed.





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