Vanessa Harrison Stuns Audience At The Vlisco 170 Years Anniversary Show

vanessa harrison 14The prices on couture start to seem a little crazy, but one haven’t wondered what goes into combining fabrics and knitting of stitches to attain a high profile garment like that. It takes a master craft to attain clothing that entirely speaks for themselves.  Couture however are made to meet the clients specific requirements and measurements. A few of Ghanaian designers have ventured into making of couture not just for fun but the love for it and the accreditation from individuals who find their simple but classy clothing to be top notched.




However ,The fact cannot be doubted that Mrs. Vanessa Harrison constitutes a few of Ghanaians who are making high profiled clothing or fashion statement clothing for clients who love to grace red carpets and also wow the crowd wherever they find themselves. Akosua Busia and Ama .k. Abebrese comprises of a long chain of high profiled celebrities who wears her gaments to the grace the red carpet.

At the just ended Vlisco show, Ms. Vanessa Harrison was part of a few selected designers in Ghana to have showcased elegant and sassy  Avant grade  pieces  made from vilsco fabrics to Mark the 170 years Of Vlisco . Pieces were well detailed ,defined and stunning embellishment to lay emphasis on the garments  .we were absolutely stunned at the sort of statement making garments we saw from Vanessa Harrison on the ramp 

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