Ghanaian Fashion Designer Vanessa Harrison showcases at London Fashion Week AW18.

Ghanaian Fashion Designer Vanessa Harrison showcases at London Fashion Week AW18.

Vanessa Harrison, creative director of VH Mode, debuted her unique elegant dresses at Fashion Finest AW18 during London Fashion Week together with other renowned fashion designers across the globe.

VH Mode dresses on the runway were without a doubt the most talked about the collection of the night under the Wearable Art Collective Initiative based in London. The collection is playful, Victorian and rich in texture. Awesome construction, fabric manipulation and over-sized stitching to enhance the texture of garment into creating fine Silhouette. These dresses were beautifully made with African prints, lux embedded fabrics, pearls and stones.

“I was amazed to see a Lady wearing a dress made with tennis balls” DAM director reiterated.

However, the fact cannot be doubted that Vanessa Harrison constitutes a few of Ghanaians who are making history intentionally and locally with high fashion statement clothing for clients who love to grace red carpets and effortlessly wow crowd wherever they find themselves. Vanessa Harrison was recently mentioned as the official designer for Black British Entertainment Awards which was held in London last December.

VH Mode costumes personalities like Akosua Busia, Ama.K.Abebrese, Ghana’s 1st Lady and a long chain of high profile celebrities who wear her garments to the grace the red carpet and to attend important occasions.

Vanessa Harrison is indeed a force to reckon with in the today’s fashion industry.

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