GaryPie Debuts Capsule Collection Dubbed “The PlayMaker”

Emerging, Ghanaian based menswear brand Garypie presents their capsule collection dubbed “The PlayMaker”
 The collection was inspired by the the idea of a Playmaker, the capsule collection was designed to meet the demands of the every day menswear essentials. The Playmaker is a 21st century man who moves through his field in  similar fashion moments be it in sports, art or community. They flow through cities and fields , adapting to all conditions in order to create new possibilities.
The new menswear capsule collection, “PlayMaker” is inspired by the modern use of floral elements in tailoring the variety of fabrics such as the plaid precisely the glen-check and the nautical stripes  used in this collection expresses the conflicting longings of the modern gentleman to be both empowered and comforted.
The color-injection in the collection such as ; yellow and pink soothe’s the restless soul within with the sharply double breasted cuts in blends of cotton and wool suggests a confident and powerful outgoing man who is at ease in his city. The shapes and cut somewhere moves seamlessly from casual- comfort into sleek and smooth.
The collection celebrates the straightforward lifestyle of tailoring elements drifted into sportswear, casual wear and the dressed up for the 8 to 5 man who is in for comfort,relaxation,masculinity ,  sleekness and sophistication.

Creative Director -Usman Habibu

Styling & Direction -Hassan Alfa Iddris

Photographer – Jema Photography

Makeup Artist – Natural

Models – Dave Compound & Ekow Barnes

Apollo Sandals- Hazza 










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