JZO Pays Homage With “La Sape” AW21 Collection


“In honor of the ones who came before us, I embark on a new journey through this series of images, wrestling with what inheritance looks like in the 21st century.”

JZO pays homage to all that shape our identity – relationships, culture, our elders, and mostly to the stories that are yet to be told. 


Through conversations, prayer, and upbringing, language, arts, fashion, and value systems weave their way into our consciousness. 


To honor those who came before us, this series of images refers to reclaiming our identity, perhaps the greatest natural inheritance we can leave behind.


Photographer: @dancarter
Models: @iam_sakora, @noma_mokoni
Studio: @Flashrental
Stylist: @dancarter
MUA: @rainetauber
Garments: Original designs by Dan Carter, @jzo_ng, @birkenstockza
Jewellery: @asandejewellery
Lighting: @walk67withjigga
Assistant: @siyabonga_mbaba

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