Kanye West Debuts Yezzy Season 4 at New York Fashion Week 2016


For Yeezy Season 4, Kanye provided shuttle busses for showgoers to travel from Midtown Manhattan to Roosevelt Island, the spot in the East River where he put on his fashion presentation today. He was coming off two sold-out concerts at Madison Square Garden, where the sheer brilliance of its presentation was in its minimalism—a Close Encounters-style suspended platform that soared above the crowd and shone spotlights on the moshing kids getting their lives beneath.

ab29d64ad5caf73b8f50af26269e3c5cIt was exhilarating as a concert experience—for those in seated rows, the moshing floor audience was literally part of the show—and as a kind of performance art, a way for super-famous Kanye to interact with with fans while still being apart from them, but also abnegating his role by making it not entirely about him. (Underneath the stage, the concert became about the wild dancing kids, and not so much about Yeezy at all.)


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