The $250 Balenciaga Shoelace Earring



Balenciaga is going viral with its newest earrings which are basically a shoelace. These shoelace earrings are pegged at $250. It looks like ridiculous stuff keeps happening in fashion, and it will continue. 


These are literally shoelaces with pins in them. Is it ingeniousness or blatant ridiculous idea? Some fashion enthusiasts claim this is interesting as it is an example of Balenciaga’s creative director’s ability to incorporate everyday objects into the house’s jewelry collections.



Well, not everyone agrees with that. Some people were mad at this idea. But that isn’t stopping Balenciaga. The previous week, the company launched its Trash Pouch for $1,790 and the tattered Paris Sneakers for $1,850. And now there is a shoelace earring going for $250. 



Is this the route we are headed in fashion?

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