Nuel Bans Arrives In Paris Ahead Of Share Africa X Balenciaga Africa Fashion Up 2022

In the light of collaboration with African fashion brands and platforms, Share Africa with global fashion house Balenciaga, partners with other organizations to Showcase the vitality of current African Creativity through Fashion to the global audience.

This year, the founder and editor-in-chief of Debonair Afrik, Emmanuel Ekuban arrives in Paris to participate in this cooperative event. His participation is a means to foster collaboration between global brands and Style Lounge Platform.

Emmanuel Ekuban, aka Nuel Bans is a Fashion Creative who joins a cohort of other individuals who have been credited with the early documentation of fashion and lifestyle in Africa. His efforts helped bring African fashion to the forefront of pop culture on the continent.  He also serves as the Creative collector to the Style lounge Platform, Creative consultant to Tex Styles Ghana Ltd (GTP ) and an art director to notable fashion brands on the continent.

The program takes place within the framework of Share Africa ), a broader initiative that includes a series of actions and events exhibiting the creativity, innovation, and environmental commitment of African youth.

By bringing together African Creatives in Paris, Africa Fashion Up wishes to become the showcase for this new trend, driven by a generation of uninhibited designers who give pride of place to audacity, color, and originality. The program focuses on all current fashion practices: from streetwear to haute couture, from the most experimental approaches to the most modest initiatives.

Africa fashion up is particularly interested in young African talents who are drawing Africa in the 21st century by drawing inspiration from their history and their tradition.​ its objective is also to show and bring to life contemporary African fashion by highlighting its influence on other areas of creation and culture (cinema, music, entrepreneurship, etc.). Fashion thus becomes a true marker of the transformation of contemporary African societies.

Style lounge Platform is a non-profit organization highlighting young and emerging designers, and partnering with local artisans who work with these designers to produce indigenous clothing for global consumption. This initiative of Nuel Bans has produced many mainstream fashion brands, who have gained funding and recognition in Africa.  The Style Lounge Platform is host to the Style Lounge Weekend and the Dots Trade.

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