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The Women Issue

Women are worth celebrating irrespective of the time of the year. But the month of March seems to be the perfect time to do so as it globally coincides with the International Women’s Day. We celebrate them not just because they are women, but because we see their efforts and resilient and we simply want to say ‘Ayekoo’

Going by the adage “killing 2 birds with one stone”, this month also happens to be a heritage month; Ghanaian heritage. We can’t talk about heritage without talking about fashion and how it has evolved over the past years  Our fashion scene has seen remarkable growth with the likes of talented designers, fashion shows and events, fashion media, retail shops, businesses of fashion event all geared towards sharing our Ghanaian story the best way we can.

All these have become possible because women have massively invested their knowledge, time and resources in order to see the fashion industry we have today. We proud of how far we have come as Ghanaians.

In this Issue “The Women Issue”, we celebrate Makeba Boateng, founder of Makeba Creates Africa and Fashion Forum Africa, Stefania Manfreda, founder of Elle Lokko Concept Store and Faith Senam Ocloo, founder of e’april Public Relations, Fashion PR Specialist at Totally Ethnik and a Columnist.

These women are not the everyday people we often see, like the designers, models, Makeup Artists or the Photographers who always get the spotlight by virtue of what they do. These women, we may have seen them through brands or events because they let their work speak for them.They are the strength of top fashion brands in Ghana.

Meet our three (3) fabulous women; you call them the trio but we call them by their characteristics; the Creative , the Sexy and the Cool. They make things happen. They support and work behind the scenes to ensure the fashion industry makes progress.

As the Creative (Makeba), she checks on all the facets of the industry by providing a platform that dialogues with the vision of providing a sustainable system to contribute and support the Ghanaian fashion industry.

As the Sexy (Stefania), she shows the beauty of Ghana by creatively and artistically assembling some of the best brands to show to the world.

As the cool (Faith), she solemnly voices out the various aspects of the industry that needs to work through her storytelling features.

Working behind the scenes means doing everything possible to make brands successful by supporting them to achieve their goals using various strategies.

With the likes of these industrious hardworking women, we are positive of a future for the Ghanaian fashion industry. One that will leverage the many resources and talents we have and take it up to a global level.

Meet Makeba Boateng

Makeba Boateng is the founder of Fashion Forum Africa . A quarterly event that contributes to African fashion industry through creative dialogue and conversation.

Meet Stefania Manfreda

Stefania is the founder of Elle Lokko, the first concept store in Accra. Located in the buzzing town of Osu, Elle Lokko is a unique concept store that stocks contemporary made in Africa designers.

Meet Faith Senam Ocloo

Faith Senam Ocloo is a Fashion Public Relations Specialist and founder of e’april Public Relations. Faith is the PR Representative for Totally Ethnik, Accra Men’s Fashion Week and Evangel Christian Magazine and also a weekly columnist with the Business and Financial Times Newspaper. She loves to work with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands assisting them with PR and media strategies in order to build and communicate their brand values.

With this Issue, we celebrate you Fabulous Women! Your zeal, resilience and support given to fashion brands are worthy of mentioning and celebrating. You women have proven that our fashion industry will soar because you are

“Bold for Change”.










  1. We celebrate and appreciate all the women across the globe! Happy International Women’s Day

  2. Fantastic Article and timing was flawless on Women’s Day to boot…????????????????????????✊??

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