Ethical Accessory Brands In Africa

Ethical Accessory Brands In Africa


Sustainable and ethical fashion is gaining strong roots in the fashion industry. The African fashion scene isn’t being left out of this conversation. The continent has some pretty powerful ethical accessory brands that the rest of the world should know about.


These accessories makers have come to understand that going ethical is a strong way to salvage the fashion industry and the environment. Take a look at some of these ethical accessory brands.


Margaux Wong

Margaux Wong uses Amazonian low-waste values and precious East African materials together to create distinctive, luxury wearable art. This brand gets its raw materials like cow horn and brass from diverted waste to make its accessories.


Sow Cole Creations

Birthed out of the love of Art and desire to bring out the inner confidence of the everyday woman, Sow Cole Creations designs and handcrafts its accessories with leather, gemstone and wood.


Velma’s Accessories

The Velma brand is in the business of transforming a good fashion ensemble into a  stunning work of art using the complements of head accessory pieces that embodies  elegance and class! It is based in Ghana but ships worldwide and is popular in countries like Nigeria, UK,  Australia, Canada, USA, SouthAfrica and Ivory Coast.


Ohiri Studio

Established in 2012, Ohiri is a creative studio that exists to be a bridge between ancient arts and crafts and the contemporary landscape. Ohiri strives to push the aesthetics & symbolism of body ornamentation made by ancient cultures through its bold-looking earrings.


Be Kind Ramae

Handcrafted jewelry made for the modern African woman with a twist of culturism. Be Kind Ramae uses clay and Acrylic in making of her earrings.



A family-run business, Jiamini believes in the preservation of its traditional African heritage. They combine tradition, craftsmanship,  innovative designs and use of renewable resources to their pieces. Each piece from Jiamini  is developed around the idea of comfort, complementing the body’s feminine form and grace.


Cheery Baby

Cheery Baby is a hand-made accessories brand. Earrings, bridals fans, and head gears (headbands, floral crowns, turbans, etc.)are Cheery Baby’s main focus. It is based in Ghana.