This 22-year old is making shoes and bags out of cables and socks

The new generation of creators always makes you feel arts creation is in safe hands. And that, we are talking about the new generation of artists, musicians, actors, designers — all of them. A perfect example is this 22-year old black girl who is recycling broken cables and old socks into heels.

This girl is Tega Akinola. This young designer started with this creative idea during 2020’s lockdown. Cleaning her room, she got the idea of sticking broken cables to shoes so she bought a heel, glued the cables to it, and here she is.

Akinola posted her new innovation on her Instagram page. Her followers loved it but this wasn’t her first item. The first was a pointy-toe shoe covered with scraps of Nike socks; the second was a mini bag, inspired by fellow inventive recycler Nicole McLaughlin, crafted from an orange Patagonia fleece with the brand’s logo front and center.

Now, Akinola sources her broken cables from companies that handle electrical waste. “It was just the idea of buying second-hand things and making them new,” she said. Her hobby is now a business when she realized the contribution she’s making to the culture of upcycling in the fashion industry.

Source: Vogue

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