“MODUGA” Is Fraud ! Model Calls The Association Out

Scandal after Scandal, Moduga seems to be known for the scandalous act than the aim of the association as reported here ( Moduga Claps Back at Critics against “Celebrity Models”)
EDEM DEBRAH about his resignation  as reported by magazine.thehotspotgh.com
“Edem Debrah worked tirelessly in an effort to help models get better payment but his efforts fell short due to lack of proper structures.
In a previous event dubbed Runway Ghana International, Moduga hyped and endorsed this event and recommended that all models participate. Models had to travel all the way from Northern Region and Ashanti Region for casting. A week after casting, the organizers announced that models were working solely on a volunteer basis and would not be compensated for their time. They only promised to pay models  Gh100.00 for transportation.  The then head of models(Edem Debrah) upon hearing this news was perplexed and consequently informed other executives in an effort to fight for an increased allowance. The response from MODUGA’s President was Moduga isn’t responsible for models payment. Moduga only ensures that models are paid what event organizers wish to pay. Edem disagreed to this and resulted in a heated argument.
So the question is what is Moduga really fighting for? Is it to collect dues from models for their personal benefit?
At the end of the said fashion show, not all models were even paid 100gh as promised by organisers. Moduga couldn’t even step in for these poor models.
There was another fashion show that happened recently known as WEAR GHANA FASHION WEEK. This brand offered to pay models 50gh plus food.  The head of models took this as a severe disrespect to models and broadcasted messages across all Moduga pages instructing models not to show up for the event. On the day of this event, models who belong to agencies of Moduga executives showed up and walked for 50gh plus food.
Also, It was alleged that models who worked on the Ghana Forum show were supposed to be paid 500ghc but were given 300ghc by Moduga(this same union who is supposed to be protecting models). The head of models upon hearing this allegation called the president of Moduga for clarification. The answer he got was quite baffling. The President’s response was “ Does Glitz even pay models up to 300ghc? “.
Subsequently, he requested for a copy of the unions constitution in order to be in line at training models periodically but hasn’t been served yet.
Based on these reasons, he believes Moduga is not on due course to helping models in Ghana, this resulted in his resignation.
His advice and recommendation for models is to get good Education, join good agencies and strive hard because Moduga has nothing to offer.”
However, According to a close source, with the association claims of being associated with the ministry is all fallacies. what the industry needs is a good structure and laws protecting models and not their exploitation.
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