More Shots Fired At MODUGA

Well, its look like  more concern has been raised by many people about the so-called Moduga “Celebrity Model”.

Here is what the others have to say about the self Acclaimed Model Union OF Ghana.


Joke of the day!! ‘ Celebrity models’ ????. Whoever sat down to think of this should be ashamed. It’s obvious we wouldn’t move forward from this place we have been for the past two years. CELEBRITY MODELS? Really? What should they be celebrated for exactly? Mediocre and selfishness? 85% of the personalities on this list don’t even have a well-organized portfolio to start off not to even mention a track record for which they should be celebrated. I see some actor(s) in there too.
If you couldn’t make money from acting, my dear, modelling in Ghana is actually not the right venture for you. I think this MODUGA thing is just another opportunity to exploit models and avenue for gossip and mediocre.The way I was excited that there was going be a united body that will educate, develop and promote models in Ghana, only to find this UPSETTING LIST with such a preposterous headline.
As a body with the backing of the government, I was expecting an efficient use of such an opportunity, but you guys will rather unveil celebrity models. Smh ??‍♂ Is that really necessary? There are young hungry hardworking models who can use a little push so instead of pushing “Retired” models and “actors turn models” rather push these young models to put Ghana on the international fashion/ modelling stages.
This is embarrassing and I think the time is now or never for models to speak against these things. We will not move anywhere from this place if the right things are not done. Models abr3!!!


thanks:) Damani Wallace I think what Christy Ukata is saying there’s more to it than this, no one is disputing the fact MODUGA is in existence, and also recognized & endorsed under the government..

Which thumbs up to them??.. prolly if that same structure will help grow & build models internationally that would be a great initiative because we have got some
amazing models in Ghana, who need someone to push them to get out there i think channeling into that will help ?.. like i said there’s more to it..

This structure can be more like a database , where if foreign clients are in town & want to work with models they can just go on a website that have got all models in Ghana portfolio.

Ok:) so in 2016 when Superbalist came to Ghana to shoot for their summer campaign do you know how we were all contacted? It was through recommendation . Prince Tona Julee Djoulde Bocoum Karen Abib Neal Davids can testify to this ..
Apparently they went online trying to look for a model database to make bookings and they saw none.. ? . It is a sad thing!!

That shouldn’t be happening, there should be a body where its making sure all these up & coming agencies are in one database . Whereby when there is an open casting for jobs etc these body/structure will call forth all agencies in Ghana to send in their models for casting… rather than recommending their brothers/sisters and love ones for jobs.. ?..

The sad thing is all these agencies in Ghana most of them have no website showing forth their talents that they have signed . How then will these models be exposed out there ?

MODUGA prolly can be making sure agencies are registered under them & enforcing some strict rules where these agencies in Ghana are adhering too it…

These are the kind of issues to solve .. fam!

When i yelled about some fashion organizers not paying models after a fashion show i got blacklisted .. but hey man is not God !
For me i think we all can do better?.. God bless us all


Where are the celebrities?? I can’t see @missjulee @karenabiba @herroyalblacklness @laurie_frimpong @ekawbanes @edemfaire @efialeana …… and others… well anyone makes a list without these guys,,, ?? they have no clue about our model industry… Am out!!


Dear IamDoris, you seem to be shelving all that on behalf of the organisation. Do you happen to a part of the executive? As Nuel said, if there was an accompanying Press Release explaining the intentions of outdooring the “Celebrity Models” are, I guess you will have less talking to make. Maybe their PR representative should be doing more of the talking to clear all these and also take feedback to make things better
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