Media Personality Christy Ukata Drops a Bombshell on MODUGA

Media Personality and Style Influencer has shared her discontent towards  MODUGA (Models Union Of Ghana ) in their recent activities and miscommunication to the general public on social media And this is what she has to say …


It’s ironic how the modeling industry complains on things going wrong but are the same industry that enjoys doing the wrong things; I mean what do you expect when people have no balls to speak the truth? What do you expect from an industry with no unity or clear goal to stick too?

So a list of “ Celebrity Models” was unveiled … First of all what is a celebrity Model ? What was the need to unveil celebrity model? Is that the biggest problem of the modeling industry here? As a celebrity you are already known, no one unveils a celebrity model only if he or she signed to a modeling agency; you can ask Kendall Jenner.


Secondly, ok maybe it’s your strategy but is a celebrity not supposed to be known by most? How come most of the faces are so unknown and instagram models? Like who is deceiving who exactly?

Thirdly, the government cannot sell the industry. The professionals will. Fix it. God don’t like ugly …

Ps: my friends involved in this could have known better. Is ur plan to move forward or downgrade for some change ?

However, The modelling industry in Ghana needs structures and investment into the sector just like sports or musiga  and not such feud  which only kills the industry we are trying to create.

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